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  • Jamaica passed the first test under the latest IMF arrangement, subject to Executive Board approval. Can performance remain good?
  • Queens Park Rangers (QPR) start off the football season well, with 3 wins and a draw to lead the English Championship, and are favorites to take the title and rebound immediately to the English Premier League. 🙂 Early days, yet. But, you have to realise that my heart has a soft spot for the team of my childhood.


  • The ‘will he, won’t he?’ nature of the brewing leadership race in the Jamaica Labour Party. Audley will Shawly run? With Pearnel Charles 20130824-165741.jpgheading things, I would look at the shifting hair colour for guidance.


  • The bubbling discontent shown by Renee Anne Shirley, former Executive Director of Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCo). She has tried over recent weeks to set the record straight about the agency’s drug testing record and its weaknesses. 20130824-211140.jpgShe went ‘rogue’ this week by penning a condemnatory article for Sports Illustrated. Most of her claims were left unchallenged, but in response, JADCo has issued a statement with more data and explanation of its recent records. Good to be reactive? Would they have done so without being ‘put to the fire’? Why do I think not?
  • QPR’s new away uniforms.20130824-163447.jpg Those green and yellow hoops look fine on a rugby team. But, really?