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  • Jamaica passed the first test under the latest IMF arrangement, subject to Executive Board approval. Can performance remain good?
  • Queens Park Rangers (QPR) start off the football season well, with 3 wins and a draw to lead the English Championship, and are favorites to take the title and rebound immediately to the English Premier League. ūüôā Early days, yet. But, you have to realise that my heart has a soft spot for the team of my childhood.


  • The ‘will he, won’t he?’ nature of the brewing leadership race in the Jamaica Labour Party. Audley will Shawly run? With Pearnel Charles 20130824-165741.jpgheading things, I would look at the shifting hair colour for guidance.


  • The bubbling discontent shown by Renee Anne Shirley, former Executive Director of Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCo). She has tried over recent weeks to set the record straight about the agency’s drug testing record and its weaknesses. 20130824-211140.jpgShe went ‘rogue’ this week by penning a condemnatory article for Sports Illustrated. Most of her claims were left unchallenged, but in response, JADCo has issued a statement with more data and explanation of its recent records. Good to be reactive? Would they have done so without being ‘put to the fire’? Why do I think not?
  • QPR’s new away uniforms.20130824-163447.jpg Those green and yellow hoops look fine on a rugby team. But, really?